About Us

Greentatwa, is focused on farming, supplying and distributing of pesticide / residue free rice, millets and pulses to its consumers. It has farming operations across Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Pondicherry. The firm is currently working in developing nutritious protein-based value-added products, super foods and rice and millets based ready to cook products, which are palatable and digestible for the consumers.

The firm has also forayed into procurement of pesticide and residue free millets and process them to one of the finest quality products with almost 99.8% whole grains and less than 0.2% of brokens / foreign material, meeting international standards. Greentatwa currently has a warehousing facility to store 5000 tons of grains and a processing and packaging facility is under commissioning.

Empowered by Nature


Greentatwa geotags Farms through satellite imagery. The data thus collected facilitates in understanding the soil health, weather, water resources to enable our farmers make informed decisions and plan their crops rather than rely on intuitive practices. We at Greentatwa believe technology should be cost effective and sustainable facilitator to our farmers for agriculture to sustain.


Greentatwa connects the three cornerstones Farmers, Agripreneurs, and consumers. For Greentatwa Sustainability of farmers is very important, we follow methods to reduce cost and increase profits for our farmers. Greentatwa supports Agripreneurs engaged in processing grains and producing value-added products sourced from chemical free and pesticide free residue free grains, with quality control, packaging, branding, and market reachability.


We believe empowering nature is just as important as empowering farmers and people. We understand the vital role of both land and water resource. Two-thirds of the world is facing water scarcity and the availability of water for agriculture clean drinking water. Soil takes years to re-nourish from the over use of chemicals and fertilisers. We at Greentatwa contribute to soil and water resources replenishment by making sure we support only sustainable agricultural practices.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Rama Rao Peddi


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Roopa Maganti


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Rajesh Bodiga

COO (Chief operations officer)

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Raaga Maganti

Branding and Marketing

Sarala Patnam

Operational executives

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Operational executives

Alluri Pavan Kumar

Operational executives

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