“Prana” is a bio diversity community farming project in 50 acres at the outskirts of Hyderabad.  The ethos of Project Prana is to brings together the 5 main elements that breathe life into living . It is a Project where Prithvi (Earth), Jala (water), Tejas (fire), Akasha (space), and Vayu (wind) interconnect to create sustainable experiences of becoming one with Nature.

Prana is the perfect choice for families who wish to pass on to next generation not just land but a sustainable wholistic experience of life.

At “Prana” Families can come together to coexist with nature, utilising various community shared amenities like rainwater harvesting, renewable solar energy , fresh farm produce of organic grown seasonal fruits and vegetables.

At Prana ” We intend to make the actual small moments of living, bigger reason for celebration of life